Belly much bigger than eyes

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Well, ever since Christmas, I have been well and truly embracing the opportunity to eat a couple of extra calories here and there. And every time I regret it and vow not to do it again. 

On the whole my family and I eat a healthy diet - lots of fresh produce and I love to cook. I'm just finding it hard to say no to the extras I would usually reserve for treats. Hello, Malteaster bunnies, I'm looking at you!

But, at 29 weeks pregnant, there's a little less room in the old tummy area to stash said bunnies and it becomes more a discomfort than a pleasure. Having just put away a stack of homemade pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup, I felt the urge to document just how full I feel, in the hope it will remind me that just cos you're pregnant and your tummy looks bigger... doesn't mean there's actually any room in there. And to make sure there's a bed/sofa/empty patch of floor nearby to lie down on until you can actually bear to move again!

Small, healthy meals - little and often - may be the moral of this blog post :)

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