Oh good grief, I'm pregnant!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

As strange as it sounds, this time around it has taken me until fairly recently to really *feel* pregnant. I have reached the 30 week milestone now and its like, all of a sudden, my body has decided to give me a bit of a wake up call.

Don't get me wrong, the first 12 weeks were pretty exhausting (not to mention queasy), but I think having two beans already to consider and a busy work/life balance to maintain, you kind of just get on with it.

Pretty much the minute I woke up having reached 30 weeks, my bump seemed to feel and look much bigger. Not only that but the braxton pickles ramped up a gear, my lower back felt decidedly stiff and I'm pretty sure I broke into my first 'pregnant lady waddle' at some point that day. Not to mention feeling utterly exhausted.

Well, hello third trimester, I've been expecting you!

Bambeanie bump - 30 weeks
A few days on and I seem to have adjusted a bit and am feeling a lot chirpier. It also occurred to me that I haven't bought anything at all for bambeanie yet. So I'm planning a bit of an 'essential baby buys' post in the very near future. And a cheeky trip to Mamas and Papas.

As I write this in bed I'm trying desperately to ignore the restless 'jelly leg' sensation I seem to get every night. What is that about!? But, on the other hand, the evening is when bambeanie really wakes up and does most of his/her wriggling - definitely one of my favourite bits of the day :)

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