Our teenie weeny beanie - Ayden's one month update

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Where has that month gone? Actually its more like six weeks as I'm writing this - but I've been making notes ready for a one month update post for the past couple of weeks.

Considering we are now a little family of five, I can honestly say the past month has been pretty easy going. Of course there have been moments where I could do with another pair of hands or one of the beanies decided to 'stroke' Ayden just two minutes after he dozes off (aargh! Why? Every time!). But on the whole, the little man has found his little place in our lives very easily and we have all loved every second of him being with us so far.

Pregnancy and labour seems like such a long time ago and I have to say that there is a part of me that misses being pregnant. I guess that's because it was probably the last time I will be pregnant... probably :)

So grab a cuppa... it's going to be a long one!


* He has grown so much. At last weigh-in (last Friday) he is now tipping the scales at an impressive 11lbs and half an oz! Which still puts him on the 50th percentile but is an impressive gain from his birth weight of eight lbs and half an oz.

* He sleeps really well on the whole. Since day one he usually wakes just once in the middle of the night for a feed and change. I give him a last feed when I go to bed at about 11pm, then he tends to wakes again at about 4am and then again at around 6:30am, which is when we get woken up by his early bird big brother anyway.

* Ayden has been giving us beautiful great big gummy smiles since he was four and a half weeks old (15 May 2013). At first I wasn't sure if they were real smiles but now, at six weeks, there's no mistaking them! And they are just wonderful. It's usually after I've changed his nappy and he's lying happily on his change mat while I chat to him.

* He watches and follows us all about our daily lives and definitely recognises all our voices. Bless him, he sits in his bouncy chair while chaos goes on around him! School runs, homework, cooking dinner, bath/bed time - he is right in the middle of everything. His brother and sister dash in and out of his line of sight all the time - usually to say hello to him or give him a cuddle - and he always tries to see where they have gone. It won't be long before he's trying to crawl after them as fast as his little knees will carry him!

* This little man *loves* his food - what boy doesn't!? At the moment he's feeding every 2-3 hours in the day, but goes longer at night which is great.

* He can still fit in his newborn babygros, but I don't think he'll be in them much longer. We moved him up to size two nappies because they hold more!

* He enjoys a bath if it's with his daddy. He's not so keen on being bathed on his own with the bath support chair - I guess thats because you can't put as much water in the bath then.

First smiles

Our family

* So far I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. There is no sign of any jealousy from the beanies at all. They just adore their baby brother. He is the first thing they want to see when they wake up and come home from school. Dylan has clocked on to the fact that I am not in work during the day now and has said once or twice that he wishes he could stay home with me too... but once he's at school, playing with his friends, he seems to forget all about it. 

* Good god, it's impossible to get out of the house though!!! It was pretty tricky before Ayden came along but now it's almost funny. Just as we get the older two ready to leave, Ayden will need a nappy change. When we're ready to get him in his car seat or pram, one of the beanies will need the loo / a drink / different shoes / a specific (not seen since last Friday) toy. How we ever get anywhere is beyond me!

* Slowly but surely we're establishing a routine that works for all of us. One of the most important things for me is making sure that nothing changes for the beanies - so they still go swimming and to gymnastics every week, have stories every night, go to bed the same time as before and we have 'Friday night movie night' every week. This has been tricky at times with a new baby, but we've managed to do it and I think that has helped them to adjust to life as a family of five.

First month must-haves

* Bouncer - this is a definite must-have for me. Mostly he sits in this in the kitchen while I prepare meals. That way I can keep talking to him and he can see me the whole time. He also sits in it in the lounge watching cartoons with his brother and sister on a saturday morning. We spent a little more on a bouncer so it is well-padded and seems very comfortable - he naps in it sometimes too. 

* Muslin cloths - and lots of them! We get through these at a silly rate. Mostly when feeding to protect clothes (his and mine), but I also use them on top of our plastic travel change mat, which can be a bit chilly to lie him on. You can also use the larger ones to swaddle or double up as a sheet on warmer days. 

* Hoover - I discovered by accident that the little man finds the sound of the hoover really comforting when he's dropping off to sleep. Probably because, with a big hairy labrador, it gets used quite a lot so he recognises the sound!

* Doppy the Dinosaur - Ayden's BFF. I fell in love with this little green dinosaur when Ayden was only a week old and just had to get it for him. Now he lives in Ayden's pram so they get to go on all their adventures together!

Best buds :)
Anyone that read this whole post deserves a medal! I hope it was enjoyable to read - I love reading other people's baby update posts and it's really important to me to document everything now I have started this blog. Time goes so quick and the fact that I'm blonde combined with baby brain x 3... doesn't bode well for me retaining all of this info myself!

I hope the next few months don't fly by quite as quickly as the first month has. I want to treasure every last second of Ayden as a tiny baby and our early days as a family of five. 

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