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Monday, 24 June 2013

The sun is out again today (hooray!) so I felt inspired to write a blog post on the things I love to do with my beanies when the sun has got his hat on.

Go to the beach - we live by the sea, so you can usually find us at the beach in all weathers. In fact, a walk on the sand on a dry but chilly day is probably one of my favourite things to do. But, if its warm you can justify ice cream too which swings it for me!

Make ice lollies - I recently bought some ice lolly moulds with a straw attachment in the base (genius idea M&S!), so scoured the internet for some recipes and came across this one on the wonderful blog 'A Beautiful Mess'. Made them on the weekend. Yum.

Photo and recipe - A Beautiful Mess

Put up the paddling pool - or birth pool in this case! We put the pool up on a beautiful sunny day in our garden, exactly eight weeks after Ayden was born in it. The beanies barely left the garden all day. Because it is so much bigger than your average paddling pool the water stayed pretty warm and they were able to have a good old splash.

Have a picnic - there's something about a picnic that makes a sandwich much more exciting than normal. We love nothing more than cobbling together some of our favourite foods and eating al fresco. We don't even have to venture further than the back garden... we often set up a tea party or picnic out there with their favourite toys.

Grass was clearly on the menu at this picnic!

What are your favourite things to do when the sun shines?

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