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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I love trying out new products - whether they're for my children, the house, or *whisper it* for me. I also read a lot of blogs and, whether I admit it to my husband or not, make quite a few blogger-inspired purchases. 

In the interests of evening out the playing field (and maybe even inspiring people to make a few cheeky purchases myself), I thought I'd set up a regular spot for my thoughts, opinions and general ramblings on the products I have bought recently. This won't be a weekly thing - as much as I'd like to be trying out new products every week... but will pop up whenever I come across something I think would be of interest.

Starting with a new toy for the bambeanie of the family. Rusty the Robot.

So far, we love Rusty. He's from the Lamaze range of baby and toddler toys and has lots of features for little people to explore - a rotating head, crinkle feet, mirror, beads and rings - the colours are bright and he has a clip so you can attach him to the car seat, pram, cot etc. I might attach him to the baby gym as well, to add a new element of play to that.

Ayden is only eight weeks at the moment so his interaction with Rusty so far is obviously limited, but his little face definitely lit up when I got him out of the box. He loves the crinkling sound of his feet and I think the rings will come in very handy when we reach the wonderful world of teething.

As ever with Lamaze products, I know it's safe and durable, well made and can withstand a bit of attention from Ayden's older siblings too! Who by the way give Rusty a big thumbs up.

I ordered our Rusty from Amazon at a pretty good price. 

I've also got my eye on the wrist rattle and foot finder set. Any opinions on this (or, in other words, justification to buy it) gratefully received!

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