Blog A Day July | day 11

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 11 | 4 fantasy dinner party guests

I love thinking about things like this, but I really struggle to narrow it down to just four.

I didn't specify whether they should be dead or alive so I think either. 

The first would be my dad. He passed away four years ago and he was always one of my favourite people to talk to.

Eddie Izzard is such an intelligent, witty man. I'm a big fan of his and would love to spend an evening chatting to him.

I am a huge music fan - rock to classical and everything in-between. So someone that has been massively influential in the world of music is a must. To say John Lennon is a great big cliche but I would genuinely love to meet him. I was also in total awe of Kurt Cobain as a teenager. I imagine he'd be pretty hard work as a dinner party guest, but maybe if I caught him on a good day...

Finally, I think I would choose Madonna - I need a feisty lady to keep all these boys in check! I've been a fan of Madonna as long as I can remember. Listening to my sister's Madonna CDs when I was little and convincing my mum to buy me the Erotica album. Clearly she never paid any attention to the lyrics! 

Fellow Blog A Day July-er, Autism Mumma also gave her choice of food at this fantasy dinner party which I thought was a great idea! This is an unusual choice for me, but its something that I fancy eating right now, so I'd go for a perfectly cooked fillet steak with béarnaise sauce and chips, followed by a giant wedge of authentic New York baked cheesecake. 

...makes me a little disappointed by what I am actually about to eat for my dinner :(

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