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Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 12 | what did you like/dislike about school?

Without a doubt my favourite thing about school was the friends that I made - some of these are still very good friends of mine today. Many of my happiest memories are with some of those people in our school 'drama studio'. 

Yes, I was one of 'those' kids :) 

I loved nothing more than spending hours after school and on weekends learning dance routines, rehearsing scenes in a play, designing sets and costumes.

I'm still surprised I didn't end up working in theatre or the arts in some way... things just didn't work out that way for me. But the years I spent in that environment are some of my best memories of school.

With that though came what I liked the least about school - mean girls (and boys). I was never bullied thank goodness but, being part of the drama crowd, meant that I was subject to some teasing about being a 'thespian'. All pretty harmless really, but being someone who takes everything to heart, it would get to me sometimes. 

School can be a pretty tough environment and I found it difficult to witness others being teased or singled out. It's something that I really worry about now I have children of my own. 

Me, worry? Never!

The thought of them feeling upset or hurt by the words of another child is difficult to take. How can you be aware that something like that is going on and not swoop in to defend them? Or even worse, what if you weren't aware of it at all...

I hope my children are confident enough to let thoughtless remarks go right over their heads and always feel they can talk to us if something or someone is bothering them.

Wow, that's not a tangent I intended to go off on when I started this post! 

I guess it's something I hope my three beanies don't inherit from me - that they worry less about what people think than I did and just enjoy the things that they love to do.

I just wish Glee had existed when I was at school. Now that I would have loved!

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