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Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 15 | 5 things about my family

1. My oldest son is a clone of my husband, my daughter is a clone of me. So much so that strangers have felt the need to come up to us in the street to comment on it. So far, my youngest looks like a bit of a mixture of the two of us... but he's only 13 weeks old, so time will tell.

2. We are divided into two camps - nostril flarers and eyebrow raisers. My son and I are nostril flarers and my daughter and husband can raise one eyebrow. None of us can do both.

3. My children all have the letter 'y' in their name.

4. Every Friday evening, without fail, we have 'Friday night, movie night' - which usually involves pizza and chocolate and fitting far too many people on one sofa!

5. My children have a happy song that they sing when they are eating something they really like. There are no words, just a tune that they hum, but its one of my very favourite sounds :)

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