Blog A Day July | day 18

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 18 | guilty pleasure

I'm pretty peckish right now, so all I can think about are my guilty food pleasures... of which, there are a few!

Recently I discovered a combo that really shouldn't work but absolutely does. Tesco giant salted pretzels, dipped in their finest range salted caramel dessert sauce. Oh my goodness, it is a-mazing!

Against my better judgement, I introduced this taste sensation to my children. They were in agreement. 

But now its an extra-specially guilty pleasure because I have to hide out of sight of little eyes to eat it!

My other guilty food pleasure is Kellogg's Krave cereal. Guilty because my children are not allowed to eat chocolate / sugar-filled cereals. Well, not very often anyway. Yet somehow I can justify eating them myself... well, I am a grown up.

p.s. I'm typing this while enjoying my other guilty pleasure... Britain's Next Top Model :)

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