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Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 19 | what do you do for fun?

I wish I was one of those people who runs for fun, or cycles ten miles a day just because they enjoy it. I run at the gym - or at least I did before I got pregnant - but that's because it keeps me fit, rather than genuinely enjoying it.

Having said that, when I get into a fitness routine, I do really enjoy it. Again, pre-baby, I was regularly running, doing pilates and spinning classes - at least three times a week. I saw results pretty quickly and I really enjoyed that!

I'm well and truly out of my fitness groove at the moment. Hopefully not for much longer... 

'Fun' for me at the moment is the simple things in life. With a 13 week old baby, I don't get out much (at all!), but I find fun in things like enjoying the sunshine with my beanies, spending summer evenings in the garden chatting to my husband, watching movies and eating (too much) chocolate! where did I leave those running shoes?

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