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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 21 | favourite time of year

Its hard for me to justify this one, as I'm loving every second of the beautiful summer weather we're enjoying at the moment. But, weather aside, nothing beats the festive season for me.

I've always loved Christmas - not just the day itself, but the build up to it, the excitement, the planning, the quiet time with your family afterwards... the whole thing.

The thing is, being my usual indecisive self, I love all seasons of the year for different reasons. The glimmer of sunshine after a long winter and first sight of spring flowers. Balmy summer evenings on the beach and letting the beanies stay up much later than bedtime to play on the sand. The crisp, but still sunny days of autumn and being cosy, bundled up and enjoying open fires in winter.

But if I had to pick one.... which I do for the sake of this blog post....  anything that involves an excuse to shop (lots), glitter, far too much chocolate and Will Ferrell in an elf suit gets my vote :)

Hi, I'm Buddy the Elf. What's your favourite colour?

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