Blog a day July | day 3

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 3 | Ambition in life (fantasy and reality)

My fantasy ambition for as long as I can remember has been to own a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. How I actually envisaged getting to that point has changed over the years. 

When I was at school I always wanted to be an actress. Yawn. Doesn't everyone? 

The more realistic (and more recent) fantasy was to become a successful writer. I have always loved to write and, with a career in PR for the last 15 years, to a degree I have been able to do this as my 'day job'. But my actual role in the industry isn't creative enough for me.

Actually, I'm surprised I haven't started a blog much sooner than this... it wasn't until I discovered a love for reading other people's blogs that it became something of real interest to me. And challenging myself to blog every day (even though I'm only three days in...) I hope will be a good way to establish a regular blogging routine and really embed it as part of my life. 

So I guess that ties in to my 'reality' ambition. If I can keep this blog going as a memento for me and my family in years to come and, who knows, attract more readers along the way, that would mean a great deal to me. 

Of course I have many more ambitions for my family. Raising my children to be happy, kind, confident, generous people will be an ambition of mine fulfilled. Especially if they end up with a penthouse overlooking Central Park! 

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