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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 30 | most treasured memory

This is easy - without a doubt my most treasured memories are the births of my three children. All three were in water and such amazing experiences.

I don't know if its because its more recent but my recollection of Ayden's birth is far clearer than the first two. Or perhaps I had less gas and air this time!

Ayden's birth, although slow to get going, was such an wonderful experience - I can remember every last detail and got to pick him up myself from the birth pool before anyone else touched him. 

My first was special because it was my first baby and a relatively 'easy' labour considering. Second time round, labour was much longer and more painful but so special because I was thrilled to have a little girl, after having a boy first time round.

Three precious, wonderful memories that I will always treasure. 

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