Blog a day July | day 31

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 31 | 5 favourite blogs

Wow - the last post for Blog a day July... where has that month gone?

I've enjoyed blogging every day. I think its given me the momentum to blog  regularly and has certainly given anyone that reads Two Beans and a Bump a lot of information about me! On the flip side, I haven't strayed very far from the list of prompts this month and I'm looking forward to writing about what I feel like on that particular day.

So, here goes. The last BADJ entry. My five favourite blogs. This is easy and I imagine these bloggers will need no introduction from me:

1. Sprinkle of Glitter

2. Modern Mummy

3. Capture by Lucy

4. A Beautiful Mess

5. Vivianna Does Makeup

I adore reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. Its my way of unwinding and relaxing. My favourite blogs are a real mix of family, lifestyle and beauty and I hope that my blog might develop, look as amazing and reach as many people as theirs do :)

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