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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 7 | favourite memory as a child

I'm lucky enough to have many lovely memories of my childhood.

Sadly I lost my dad four years ago, almost to the day. He was only 67. So these days most of the memories that make me smile are of him.

We shared the same sense of humour. Pretty childish really... lots of silly jokes. I remember laughing. A lot.

He was a carpenter and used to take me around with him in his little white van to buy materials and things. Radio 1 playing, whistling away.

Sometimes we would go to a nearby greasy spoon cafe for food. Usually involving chips and ice cream afterwards.

I remember when he tickled me it kind of hurt because his fingers were so strong. But I didn't mind.

My dad was my absolute hero and my partner in crime. He gave me some wonderful memories.

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