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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Our tiny man is growing so fast. I can hardly believe he's four months old! Four months!? 

So much for my monthly updates eh. Oh well, I've been making notes with the intention of publishing them monthly. So I'll catch up from here on.

We are loving life as a family of five and love him so much. He's such a happy, contented and adorable little man. He has beautiful gummy smiles for everyone that talks to him. 

* At last weigh in, he was 12lbs and 6oz and counting, but that was a good few weeks ago now. He'll be weighed again next week, when he has his next set of vaccinations. His little cheeks are getting chubbier by the day!

* Boy does this baby love his sleep! (she says, having now cursed us to an eternity of broken sleep). He's sleeping through the night, and has been since about 14 weeks old, from roughly 8pm to 7:30am (earlier if his early bird big brother pokes his head into his cot!). I was waking him when I went to bed at about 11pm for a last feed, but I stopped doing it out of curiosity because I wasn't convinced he really needed it and turns out I was right. 

* The giggles have started and they are officially my favourite sound in the whole world :) He laughed for the first time on Sunday 28 July, when I was tickling and nibbling him under his arms. This week he has started laughing at other things without tickles, like me pulling funny faces or making silly noises for him.

* He loves to watch us all go about our busy lives - but I guess he doesn't have a great deal of choice in that one. As its the summer holidays his big brother and sister are giving him plenty to watch and they love nothing more than to talk to and play with him. He's recently started showing a bit of interest in the TV, but only for five minutes or so of Baby Einstein.

* He loves his food and we're still exclusively breastfeeding. My daughter started on baby rice at about this age but, so far, he doesn't seem interested or to need the extra food just yet.

* He can still fit in his 0-3 babygros, but not for much longer.

* He loves bath time. We're still bathing him every couple of days, not every night. I'm convinced we dried out his brother's very sensitive skin by bathing him too often when he was a baby, and didn't really need it.

Practising some sitting :)

Must-haves - months two to four

* Bouncer - this is still an every day item for us and a definite must-have. He sits in it and watches while I prepare meals, or to watch cartoons with his brother and sister. Definitely money well spent.

* Mobile - this month he's really enjoyed his mobile for the first time. We were hoping to recycle his big sister's Tiny Love mobile, which was amazing, but sadly it has bitten the dust and I don't think they make the same model any more. So, after much research, we went for this one. Its not quite as nice as the other one in my opinion, but he seems to love it. Full review coming soon.

* Amber teething necklace - this is cheating a bit because we're not in a position to fully test it yet. He's definitely starting to teethe - excessive dribbling... check; rosy cheeks... check; fist in mouth 24:7.... check. I've seen lots of bloggers and youtubers rave about amber teething necklaces and I thought there was nothing to lose, so ordered one from a recommended American website - They explain the science behind the use of amber for pain relief far better than I ever could, so I'd definitely recommend having a read. They have a great selection of products and delivery was surprisingly fast. We went for the milk and honey necklace, which I've used as an anklet so far. I'll keep you posted on how it works for us.

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