Cloth nappies - a month on

Saturday, 24 August 2013

So here we are. Nearly a whole month into our cloth nappy journey. And I'm pleased to say that everything's going really well. 

I was so excited about getting started and I'm stubborn as a mule, so I was never going to give up (!), but I was prepared for it to be a bit of a steep learning curve. I don't have any friends that use them to quiz, but I had done a shedload of research before ordering our supply.

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We went for a couple of different brands and types of nappy: TotsBots Easyfit with both velcro and poppers; TotsBots Bamboozle stretch for night and Fuzzibunz elite pocket nappies. 

I'm pleased with all of them, but my favourite for day is definitely the Fuzzibunz - they are fleece lined which draws away the moisture from his little bum and they seem pretty absorbent with only one of the inserts. I like the clean lines of the nappy and there's a great colour range, with fab names... am I the only one taken in by stuff like that...!?

Suprisngly for me, I definitely prefer the nappies with poppers, as opposed to velcro. I have four with velcro - mostly to placate Mr Bean, who is still not sold on the whole idea - I absolutely love the prints but I can see the velcro is looking a little tatty already.

For night, the TotsBots Bamboozle stretch and wrap has been a-mazing. Seriously, nothing gets through those bad boys! I guess I was most worried about the night time performance, as I change him pretty frequently during the day anyway. We haven't had one night time leak yet - and he sleeps through for a full twleve hours, so that's some pretty impressive performance right there. The nappy is literally full in the morning, but I use a fleece liner inside and that keeps the moisture away from his skin. The drawback of these nappies is that they take aaaages to dry, but as long as you factor that in to your laundry routine, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. 

I purchased 21 nappies and haven't had an occassion where I've run out of clean ones... yet. But most places recommend you have 25 to be on the safe side. At least that's what I'm telling my husband ;)

I've heard great things about Bumgenius nappies, so I might invest in a few of those. 

Any other recommendations gratefully recieved though... what's your favourite brand of reuseable nappy?

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