Monday Menu #1

Monday, 5 August 2013

After blogging every day during July, I felt like the set prompts gave a lot of information about me and my family but I haven't blogged about our day to day lives for a while.

However I really enjoyed the regularity of blogging every day, so I thought I'd start some weekly blog features starting with a 'Monday Menu' which will include some info about what we have planned for that week, including meals and activities.

On the menu for this week, I'm feeling the need to be a bit healthier. Since having Bambeanie, I have been a little naughty (to say the least!). Don't get me wrong, chocolate is still a daily staple - I am breastfeeding after all - but I'm trying to be extra good for my main meals. This week we'll be having some of my fail-safe and most favourite meals in the repertoire:

  • Sausage, butter beans and red peppers with cous cous (not the healthiest of all, but so easy and quick to make - I'm shooting for convenience with this one)
  • Salmon fillets and quinoa salad
  • Penne arrabiata
  • Fish grenobloise with salad 
  • Spinach and ham frittata
If you'd like me to post any of these recipes, please let me know in the comments below.

We're on week three of the summer holidays - I'm flying solo on the childcare front this year as I'm on maternity leave, so I've been a teeeeny bit concerned about how I will keep a six and a five year old entertained while also looking after a newborn.

So far so good. Little Big Man spent last week on a football course with his friends from school, so that left me with just Bambeanie and Princess to entertain. Two is a breeze these days ;)

This week I have them booked into a few kids club sessions at my gym. I stay on site and enjoy a coffee in peace (in theory), while they run around with other kids playing dodgeball or covering themselves in paint. 

Everyone's a winner.

Its also our first week as a cloth nappy family. I enjoy a challenge ;) You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see how we get on with that one. I'll be posting fairly regular updates on there, as well as blog posts here.

Mr Bean and I enjoyed a *very* overdue night out to celebrate our anniversary (it was in June!). We went to Bill's - one of my favourite restaurants - and ate way too much. I discovered Amaretto Sours, which is now my new favourite drink, and I will be learning how to make them myself. I'll share the recipe here when I've tried (and tested) a few.

As it's the summer holidays my 'fun' is pretty much dictated by what I have planned for the beanies but we'll definitely be meeting up with friends and my sister with her children later on this week. Gotta keep them busy!

I've really enjoyed writing this post so I think this will be a fairly regular occurrence here. 

I'd love others to share their Monday Menu below. What food, fun and family stuff do you have planned?

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