Summer so far

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

So we're half way through the summer holidays. 

I love having a break from the school run and having more time with the beanies but, 
before the last day of term, I was a *teeny* bit worried about how I was going to entertain a six and a five year old with a three-month old in tow. But so far so good.

I can honestly say they haven't seemed bored at all and have been so well behaved. Ok, so there have been a fair amount of sibling squabbles and a tantrum or two thrown in to spice things up a bit. But they're usually pretty short-lived and, on the whole, its been a pleasure to spend every day all together.

I've tried to plan ahead as much as possible to make sure we have plenty lined up - at least one thing every day to get us out of the house. The amazing weather we've had so far has helped. Anyone remember gazing forlornly out of the rain-streaked windows all day, everyday last summer?

We haven't done anything particularly adventurous or expensive so far, just trips to the beach, play dates and picnics with friends from school, scooting to get ice-cream, playing in the park and a cinema-date to see Smurfs 2.

And on less sunny days it's amazing what you can convince them is a fun idea. After one particularly busy day out I asked them if they fancied a pyjama day and they were so excited about that! We spent the whole day in pjs, watching movies, playing lego and making cupcakes. It was great.

Now I just need to convince Mr Bean into going on our first trip to Legoland before the end of the holiday.... wish me luck!

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