Monday menu #3

Monday, 23 September 2013

I started the week off determined to achieve things - namely, making some progress with my list of areas in the house to organise. I made some headway with the toy situation last week but, with so much more to do in that category, I thought I'd crack on with something that will give me more immediate results. The kitchen cupboards. So armed with some new glass storage jars, tomorrow morning I will be pulling everything out, decanting stuff and putting things back in an orderly fashion. I dread to think what might be tucked away in the depths of those cupboards...

So, aside from that thrilling task, here's what else we have planned this week.

One thing that I struggle to do is plan meals in advance and stick to it. I am easily swayed and the mere sniff of a new recipe that I like the look of and I'm off to Tesco faster than you can say "damn you Pinterest"! 

But, its something I'm determined to get better at, so here it is. The (draft) menu for this week (TBC):

  • Chicken, bacon and avocado pasta salad - we had this for dinner tonight and it was disappointing. I had an avocado that needed using up so I decided to google a recipe which would use it alongside chicken and bacon (which go so brilliantly together in a sandwich). The avocado was slightly overripe and that always puts me off. Not a big fan but never mind.
  • Fish tacos - one of my favourite meals of all time. A recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow's first book that combines fish, salted white cabbage, guacamole, pico de gallo... amazing!
  • Salmon with bulgar wheat and roasted vegetables
  • Jamie Oliver's chicken with tzatziki and herby couscous
  • Penne arrabiata

On a family note, its all about introducing solids as far as the bambeanie is concerned this week. We started him with some Ella's Kitchen Wakey Wakey porridge last week. Which he loves! So, I guess its time to get batch steaming and pureeing - starting with sweet potato. 

I'll keep you posted but, judging by the speed he was flapping his arms and legs for the porridge, I'm guessing it'll go down fairly well.

We have the usual weekly classes this week - gymnastics, computer club, ballet, tap, Waterbabies and swimming. Wow. I'm tired just typing it.

But, provided I still have the energy, I'd like to try and get myself to the gym this week. I've been determined to get back into pilates. My back is definitely a bit weak after the pregnancy and I've found pilates is the best thing for it. 

I've also discovered there's an NCT nearly new sale in my area this weekend. I've never been to one, but have heard its worth a browse. Ayden is really short of clothes now the seasons are changing so its good timing.

I'd love others to share their Monday Menu below. What food, fun and family stuff do you have planned?

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