Proud mummy moments

Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm so proud of my children.

I'm sure all mums can name something each day that their children do to make them proud. Trying a new food, being polite, not fighting with their brother/sister when provoked (!)

For me, I was so proud of my little big man Dylan last week. He struggled a little with his reading last year. Mostly because he's easily distracted, full of energy and sometimes has trouble concentrating. He's so very clever and I knew he could do it, but sometimes six year old boys aren't supposed to sit still and read a whole book! 

His teachers thought he might need language support this year, which we were obviously keen for him to have if it was going to help him progress his reading at school. But he came home last week with a note in his bag to say that he had progressed significantly and was reading extremely well, so would be re-assessed later in the year.

We always read with our children every night - and have done since they were babies. Something has definitely clicked for Dylan and he is reading so well now.

My proud mummy moment for Meryn was seeing her perform with her friends in their dance school concert.

She's only five and she stood up there on a big stage, under the lights and performed a ballet recital followed by a tap number. Twice. There was a matinee and an evening performance in the same day.

It involved a lot of waiting around backstage and her first experience of stage makeup (!), but she loved every minute. I helped out as a chaperone backstage so was able to share the experience with her and it was a joy to see as they all lined up nervously to go on stage and came back afterwards brimming with excitement and confidence.

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