Ready, steady, yum - our weaning journey

Monday, 16 September 2013

Its hard to believe we're already thinking about introducing the bambeanie to solid food. He turned five months old this weekend and, while at a birthday party with my daughter, he literally tried to grab a chip out of my hand! He watched everything make its way to my mouth with his little mouth wide open, bless him. 

So, although it was my intention to wait until he was six months, he's definitely showing signs of being ready to eat more. 

I intend to keep breastfeeding until he's at least a year old so, for now, we're just introducing one portion of baby porridge for his second morning feed.

He has his first taste yesterday and, as soon as he saw the spoon, his little arms and legs were flapping and his eyes wide as saucers! I think its safe to say he enjoyed it.

When I introduced beanies 1 and 2 to solids about six years ago, there wasn't much talk of baby led weaning (BLW). At least, if there was, I wasn't aware of it. So, with Annabel Karmel as my guide, off I went on a journey of purees and baby mush. And I enjoyed every minute. Both babies were good eaters and happy to try whatever concoction I was serving to them on that particular day.

But, me being me, I'm intrigued by BLW... partly because its something I haven't tried before, but also a lot of the reasoning behind it makes sense to me. 

So, I think we'll try a bit of both. And I know BLW purists would advise against that, as its not strictly BLW if the baby is also being fed from a spoon. But I think I'd miss the whole process of making the purees and combining the flavours. I quite like the idea of giving him purees further down the line to eat as dips with finger foods too. 

Even though time is going so fast and I want it to slow down, I'm also excited to start this new stage of his little babyhood. 

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