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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A new school year seems like the perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit in the household. Bambeanie is four months old... I feel like we've adjusted really well to life as a family of five and I no longer have an excuse to let things go around the house ;) 

By that I mean the little 'projects' I have listed in my mind that I keep meaning to tick off. Of which there are many. And if I put them in writing here, it might shame me into actually getting them done!

So here goes. Project 'organise my life or die trying' is on!

Each week, I'll attempt to cross one item off the list. I'm not going to force myself to do them in a particular order, or beat myself up if I don't manage to complete one every single week. But I'll choose whichever one tickles my fancy that week... 

Here's the list so far - I'll add more things as time goes on:

  • Reorganise toys (in bedrooms and playroom) - try to put things back in their sets and organise according to type (this could take two weeks!)
  • Empty, clean and reorganise kitchen cupboards
  • File all paperwork - its getting ridiculous
  • Sort through wardrobes and ebay/donate to charity all unwanted items

This week is all about the toys! After the summer holidays I feel like I need to reclaim my  home! There is stuff everywhere. Wish me luck :)

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