Our family birthday traditions

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The original beanie turns seven this week. Seven! I still can't quite believe that my tiny little baby is such a big boy now.

Its so important to me to make sure my little ones feel special on their birthday and that the day is all about them. 

To help make sure that happens, we've developed a few birthday traditions over the last seven years. I thought I'd share them here for anyone looking for ideas themselves. Please also share your birthday traditions... I'd love to hear them.

I have Pinterest to thank for this idea - a bedroom full of balloons. We did it last year and it went down very well indeed. 

You can buy small helium canisters online and in some supermarkets - I got ours from Asda for about £20, balloons included. Then, on the night before their birthday, my husband and I set about inflating as many balloons as we possibly can. We tie string to them and fill his/her room while they're asleep. 

Dylan, being Dylan, woke up last year and walked straight underneath them without noticing! I had to tell him to go back and look at the ceiling. He loved it when he did notice them though. 

What kind of birthday morning would it be without pancakes...? 

This year, because I'm on maternity leave and don't have to rush out the door, it'll be much easier to prepare a special birthday breakfast. 

I thought I'd try another Pinterest fave this year - confetti pancakes. They look amazing and the kids would love them.

Image - Pinterest
I absolutely intend to put a candle in the pancakes too :)

We always display the birthday boy/girl's presents in exactly the same place each year - on the corner of the kitchen table by the door. So its the first thing they see when they come downstairs. I usually add their favourite toy holding a balloon or a birthday card too.

Because Dylan will be in school on his birthday, I plan to put a little birthday note in his lunchbox with a fairy cake. He'll also be taking birthday cake to school with him to share with his friends.

Of course, once he gets home, we'll have a special birthday tea party with the usual party food and cake. Lots of cake.

What birthday traditions does your family have?

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