Recipe from a family kitchen

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I'm always on the lookout for no-fuss, ideally one-pot suppers that will please the whole family. This is a real winner.

This recipe has evolved over time and is now one of my staple evening meals. It's based on a Nigella recipe, from her Nigelissima book; but I've tweaked it a little.... here's my version:

Sausage and butter bean casserole

Olive oil
2 garlic cloves, finely sliced
Sausages (I use one pack of six caramelised red onion sausages)
1/2 jar roasted red peppers
1 tin butter beans
1 tin cherry tomatoes
3 bay leaves
6 or 7 small shallots
Black olives
Salt and pepper

* Cook sausages in the oven according to packet instructions
* Meanwhile, gently warm garlic in the oil
* Chop and add the peppers to the pan
* Add the drained butter beans, cherry tomatoes, bay leaves and as many olives as you fancy
* If the shallots are small enough, I just peel them and pop them in whole. I like the texture they give. If you prefer you could halve them instead
* Half fill the empty cherry tomato tin with water and add this to the pan
* Season with sea salt and black pepper to taste
* Simmer for 15-20 minutes
* Once the sausages are cooked, slice them diagonally and add to the casserole
* I serve with either mini roast potatoes, cous cous or simply with fresh crusty bread and salad.

Delicious! And perfect for autumn.


  1. How colourful and beautiful! How does it taste? I love popping bay leaves in tomato based dishes - I bet it smells great too. If you would like do, please do pop over and link this up to #recipeoftheweek. You can find it under the 'Food' dropdown on my home menu x

  2. Hi Emily - it definitely smells great. In fact, Dylan usually follows his nose into the kitchen when I'm making this to ask how much longer tea will be!

    I'd love to link up to #recipeoftheweek - thanks for telling me about it. I'll do that this afternoon x