Weaning favourites - our review of Ella's Kitchen wakey wakey baby porridge

Friday, 4 October 2013

Ella's Kitchen is a brand I really trust. I used some of the range with both Dylan and Meryn when they were teeny weeny beanies - particularly the fruit smoothies. So it made sense that we would choose one of their products for Ayden's very first taste of a food that isn't breast milk!

He couldn't have been more excited to try the porridge. His little arms and legs were waving around like the clappers! And he took to it so well, gobbling the little bowl of porridge in what seemed like seconds. So he must approve of the taste.

He has a little bowl of this every day, twice a day and always smiles when he sees me coming towards him with the bowl.

From my point of view, the porridge is 100% organic rice and maize... and that's it. Nothing artificial. No added sugars. 

I like the packaging a lot - more so than similar products from competitor brands. Its in the Ella's Kitchen signature pouch, but with a convenient screw top, which makes dispensing the porridge and resealing it really easy. 

I like to make my own purees and I plan to start doing this for Ayden as soon as he turns six months, but the Ella's Kitchen pouches are perfect for on-the-go. And I know I can trust that there are no artificial nasties in there. 

I'm also excited that they have a range of first tastes pouches now - I don't think these existed when I was weaning Dylan and Meryn. They're made from just one fruit - apple, pear, mango or banana - with nothing else added. I think this is a great idea.

A big thumbs up from me and the bambeanie. We can't wait to try some other products from the range.

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