Weaning favourites - our review of Heinz baby food pouches

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love to cook. So it goes without saying that I would enjoy preparing food for the bambeanie too. Mushed cod florentine anyone?

But who wants to carry a questionably-sealed pot of bright orange sweet potato and pear goop in their bag on a day out? Not me. I've made that mistake before and it didn't end well for me, or the contents of my change bag.

Sometimes convenience wins and you need something that you can grab, transport easily, reseal hygienically and that both you and your baby are happy with.

We were offered the chance to test out the new Heinz range of baby food pouches and it couldn't have come at a better time for us. Bambeanie has only just started solids, having turned six months a couple of weeks ago. 

We've tried a selection of food so far - from roasted butternut squash and pear, to broccoli, flaked salmon and Weetabix. He seems to have really enjoyed everything I have given him so far and doesn't seem phased when something I give him has a little more texture either, which I'm pleased about.

The fruit and savoury pouches we were sent are suitable for babies from four and seven months plus. We're not far off the seven month pouches, but he's not quite ready for them yet. 

Its Halloween this week, so of course I was going to try him with the pumpkin, sweet potato and apricot pouch first. It would be rude not to.

After enlisting the help of my five-year old Christmas angel (don't ask), we got started. You can watch our video review here and read on to see what we thought.

The good bits

  • The packaging is great. The pouches are convenient and easy to reseal. They're bright, eye catching and appealing. It's easy to read and tells me, at a glance, what's inside.
  • You can easily see how many of their 5-a-day baby will get from each pouch, as well as information about things like vitamin C content.
  • The flavours are varied and I like the combinations.
  • Ayden thoroughly enjoyed the food and happily munched his way through pretty much the whole pouch!

Not so sure...

  • This is entirely my weird thing, but I have issues with any pureed food that contains meat or fish. I don't know where it comes from... unless I've made and pureed it for him myself, I'm not keen. I'm like that with my own food too though, so its not exclusive to baby food. Meat in soup... not a fan. Dips made from mushed fish, like taramasalata... don't think so. Paté... no. Just no. So I wouldn't purchase any flavours containing beef or chicken, for example. I'd rather make my own meat and fish purees and stick to fruit and veg pouches.
  • I try to use organic fruit and veg when making purees myself. Its not essential, but I try to if possible. So if these were organic I'd be even happier to give them to my baby.

On a side note, I wouldn't say you have to think of these pouches as 'baby-only'. My daughter is a fan of fruit purees and the Heinz fruit pouches got a big thumbs up from her. Great for a quick and easy snack :)

The Heinz pouches are available from supermarkets and Boots, priced from 89p. You can find out more here.

*We were sent these pouches for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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