Hallo-wow, that was a lot of chocolate!

Monday, 4 November 2013

My creepy, kooky family

I can hardly believe Halloween has been and gone and we'll be heading out to watch the fireworks in some cold, soggy field tomorrow.

The year is passing way to fast for me... they say time flies when you're having fun and I am loving every split second of being home with my beanies. Being able to pick up the children from school every day and spend time with them is wonderful.

We had a great Halloween this year. We love Halloween - any excuse to decorate the house and get dressed up gets my vote. But this year was even more fun as we had my twin nephews to stay so the kids were even more excited than usual.

We spent the afternoon at a local farm, carving pumpkins and eating hotdogs and toffee apples. Its the first time we had been somewhere like this for Halloween; it was a great afternoon out and we'll definitely be going again next year.

My pretty little witch
Cousins :)

The evening was spent trick or treating, watching scary cartoons and eating our way through our own body weight in sweeties. Perfect :)

Count Dribula ;)

Sleep little vampire
Did you discover anything new to do this Halloween? I'd love to hear if you did...

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