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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The lovely people at Ella's Kitchen were kind enough to send us a few products from their range of baby food and we couldn't have been happier to try them out!

We're big fans of Ella's Kitchen. I have been for years, after giving all three of my babies various products from the range. I love the flavour combinations and the fact the brand sources the best possible organic ingredients for its products. But, more than that, the brand ethos of creating healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. As a mum, this is so important to me. 

We were sent a selection of the fruit and veg pouches, for ages four months plus (stage 1). These are ideal for us as Ayden has only recently started solids. So far, the sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples and blueberries was a big hit. Small thing, but I love the colour of this particular pouch too. Easily swayed? Me!?

Raspberry and vanilla puffits... could a snack sound any more appealing!? I think not. 

I had spotted these in my local supermarket and thought that as soon as bambeanie turns seven months (the recommended age stated on the packaging) I'd definitely pick them up for him (and me) to try; so I was very excited to see these inside the package we were sent. 

We're not quite ready for these yet, but will be sampling them pretty much the very second he turns seven months old!

We were also sent a few items to try when he moves on to lumpier foods, as well as some toddler snacks in the form of the nibbly fingers fruit sticks. My five-year old is still a big Ella's fan - she loves the fruit pouches - and she made a bee-line for these. Whether there will be any left for Ayden to try when he's old enough remains to be seen.

I love that Ella's Kitchen explores more exotic flavours for weeny ones. I'm a big believer in introducing babies to what we might consider more 'grown up' stronger flavours (provided they are ready to try them and its safe to do so, of course). Who said babies only like bland flavours and plain food anyway? My older two have enjoyed foods like houmous, pesto, olives, curry, paella etc from a young age. 

The caribbean chicken with mangoes sounds delicious. I might even try to recreate that recipe myself for the whole family.

I was thrilled to be able to sample some more products from one of my favourite baby brands. Thank you Ella's Kitchen!

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