A birthday in Candyland

Thursday, 5 December 2013

My daughter's birthday falls the week before Christmas and every year I'm determined to make sure her special day doesn't get lost amongst all the chaos leading up to the 25th. 

But, in case you hadn't already noticed (!), we're all about Christmas in this house. So why not embrace the fairy lights and come up with a theme that combines birthday fun and sparkles, with tinsel, candy canes and snowflakes.

My little Christmas princess also loves the board game Candyland, so I came up with the idea of a Christmas Candyland party. It was loads of fun to plan and really helped to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Plus, my little lady absolutely loved it... which, of course, is the most important thing!

My little birthday elf :)
The Candyland cake 

My handsome h-elf-er
Let it snow!

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday to your little elf! Love her outfit, so cute! Amazing cake! x