Baba + Boo - a review

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

We've been using cloth nappies for a while now and I've built up quite a collection (shh... don't tell my husband!). From pocket nappies and all-in-ones, aplix and popper, to bamboo two-part nappies and wraps; I've tried a fair few in the past four months.

So when we were offered the opportunity to review a Baba + Boo gift set I jumped at the chance to sample another brand of nappy. And such a pretty one at that. 

The set arrived beautifully packaged and I was thrilled to see we'd been sent the adorable 'Alfonso' from the new woodland creatures collection. For those of you not already acquainted with Alfonso, he is a gorgeous appliqué badger on a bright sunshine yellow 100% organic cotton t-shirt. He is matched perfectly to a black and white humbug stripe nappy. Just gorgeous.

The first thing that struck me was the quality of the t-shirt. Its a really thick, soft, organic cotton and you can just tell it will wash and last very well. The appliqué detail is of the highest quality and the colour combination works perfectly. I'm a big fan of yellow with grey anyway, so this set is perfect for me. 

One of the things I love most about Baba + Boo is that their designs are intended to be worn by both boys and girls. I've never been one to stick to 'blue for boys' so this really appeals to me.

Cloth nappy lovers among you will understand this predicament. I was so excited to try the nappy and t-shirt on Ayden I decided to forego the pre-wash and put it on him for long enough to take some photos. Well, wriggly baby + beautiful top and nappy to show off to their fullest = quite the challenge! He ended up in the nappy for quite a while and I was impressed after taking it off to find that, without any pre-washing, he didn't feel damp at all (despite a reasonable amount of wee!).

Once pre-washed (as cloth nappies should always be before first wear - naughty me!) the nappy will last a good three hours with one micro fibre insert, and up to six if you use both.

The nappy we were sent is part of the Baba + Boo classic range, designed to fit babies from approximately 8lb through to potty training. Its a pocket nappy, with a popper system that grows with your baby. I have quite a few pocket nappies and this compares very well in terms of fit - not too bulky, even with both inserts, and super soft. As with any brand, I had a bit of a fiddle round with the poppers to get the perfect fit around the waist and legs for Ayden; then we were good to go! 

The black and white stripes are so stylish and, as someone who likes to colour coordinate Ayden's nappy to the rest of his outfit (...just me?), I love how this would look great with the bold colours in his little wardrobe. 

Priced at £19.95 I think the set would make a fantastic gift - for established cloth nappy users, or for someone looking to try them out for the first time.

Its not only great products on offer at Baba + Boo, the customer service you receive is second to none. Pop by and say hi on Twitter, Facebook or visit the website.


  1. I love my cloth nappies (still going strong third time round!) but I must admit, I find the washing side of things easier in the summer... Great blog by the way -stumbled across you on twitter.

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    1. Hi Jo - thanks for your comment :)
      Yes, I prefer the washing routine in summer too. Hanging them on the line to dry is so much nicer!