Meet Figgy Elf

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Just one look at the cheeky, kitsch Elf on the Shelf and I was sold!

Ok, so it didn't take much convincing, but Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without adding another family tradition to the already pretty comprehensive repertoire. 

Meet Figgy Elf. Figgy by name... frisky by nature. And he's been getting himself into all sorts of predicaments since he arrived. And he's only been here three days!

Day 1: all sweetness and light as he arrives letter in hand, bearing gifts of chocolate and literature... clever elf.

Day 2: swinging into town on day 2, Figgy is glad to be back

Day 3: Figgy acquaints himself with the Skylanders Giants. Wise move Figgy - they hold great power here ;)

Cheeky little elf. I can't wait to see what he does next.


  1. Hello, Figgy - great name! He looks like he's settling in nicely. And I love your tree, especially the train I can see there - gorgeous :) Thanks for linking up with #ElfTakeover

  2. Thanks both - my little ones named him and I think they did a really good job too :)

  3. Love the name! He looks like he's settling in nicely :) #ElfTakeover