Eight month sleep regression... for shizzle!?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ayden has decided that sleep is for wimps and he's bought us both a ticket on the insomniac express. Yaaaawn.

I'm talking every hour. What!? How did this happen. He was sleeping through... this is so cruel.

So, clutching my Nespresso like my life depended on it, I took to google. Turns out sleep regression at eight months is an actual thing. Who knew? Certainly not me. And I have three children; so clearly still a lot to learn.

It makes sense I guess. At around eight to ten months babies learn so many exciting new skills. Ayden took up his new crawling hobby on Boxing Day and has been scootling about like a tiny excited puppy ever since. Multiple stairgates anyone?

He's also becoming fluent in baby babble. The cutest language on the face of the planet surely. 

So, team those two new skills together and I guess I can see where he's coming from. Who wants to sleep when there's a perfectly exciting cot to crawl round and songs to sing at the top of his little voice at 3am.

I on the other hand can totally see the point of sleep. I've been crawling and talking for years, so the attraction isn't quite there for me ;)

Here's hoping this blip is short-lived. Or else I could take out shares in Nespresso. Every cloud...


  1. My 8 month old has never yet slept through... but he has started waking more recently. He had chickenpox and then teething (again - he has 7 teeth!) but now he's waking more because he's got exciting things to do, like your little one! He's decided he wants to learn how to walk.. which is just great!! His cot is now on it's lowest setting as well after he tried to get out. I'm sure his brother wasn't this precocious! Hope you're getting more sleep again now! x