Hotel Chocolat - a review

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hotel Chocolat is the ultimate celebration and occasion chocolate in my opinion. Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, Valentines... Easter! Did I mention their Easter selections!?

If I'm looking for an indulgent treat or gift for someone special, Hotel Chocolat is my first stop.

We were offered the chance to review one of the items from their Christmas range and when this little beauty landed on the doormat, well, excited doesn't cover it!

This is (was!) 450g of solid 50% cocoa milk chocolate with amazing things added in - cookie pieces and caramelised almond florentine. And boy is it as good as it sounds.

Something as special as this deserves a special occasion, so we decided to save it for our little family new years eve party. It was definitely worth the wait. 

As with all Hotel Chocolat products the chocolate itself is smooth, rich and utterly delicious. And it looks absolutely stunning - my little ones' faces when I brought it to the table was a picture. It was the perfect centrepiece for our new year table.

And it didn't last long ;)

If you're in the market for an indulgent gift for your loved one this Valentine's day, I would absolutely recommend you take a look at Hotel Chocolat. The range has something for everyone - how amazing does the Sunrise to Sunset Gift Hamper look? Also, keep an eye out for their mouth-watering Easter products. The ostrich eggs are a sight to behold! 

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