Start as you mean to go on - a Heinz baby breakfast review

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A bit of a theme this month for most people - making changes at the start of the new year to make life more organised, feel healthier and start new routines for 2014.

I'm on board the usual healthy eating/more exercise train this month, but I'm a bit of a monkey when it comes to getting my day off to the best possible start, often skipping breakfast in favour of clutching onto a flat white as if my life depends on it... sometimes it does ;)

I am however adamant about making sure all three of my little people eat a good breakfast, full of slow-release energy, to set them up for the day. No Coco Pops in this house! Well, maybe a cheeky bowl once in a while.

As Ayden is the littlest of the bunch, its especially important that he starts his discovery of food in the right way - trying lots of different flavours, textures, and combinations. I try to encourage all three of my children to try new tastes; if they don't like it, fair enough, but they have to at least give it a go. 

For breakfast, we're big porridge fans in this house. When its chilly outside there's nothing better than a bowl of porridge with fresh berries and a weeny drizzle of maple syrup. 

Ayden loves his morning porridge. It may not have berries and syrup but he flaps his little arms like crazy when he sees me getting his baby porridge out of the cupboard. More so than any other meal. So we were thrilled to be sent a basket of Heinz baby breakfast goodies to try out.

Inside the basket was a box of Creamy Oat Porridge, a selection of ready-to-eat breakfast pots (Very Berry Porridge, Banana and Apple Muesli and Creamy Oat Porridge) and a pack of Breakfast Biscotti.

This couldn't have arrived at a better time in fact. I was running low on Ayden's usual porridge of choice. We've tried the Creamy Oat Porridge before, so I knew he would enjoy that, so we went straight in and tried one of the breakfast pots.

I went for the Banana and Apple Muesli, warmed it ever so slightly and it went down a treat.  

Although I wouldn't choose the ready-to-eat pots for use at home, I think they would be ideal if you have to leave the house early and eat breakfast out and about. Plus they're packed with calcium and there's no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The Breakfast Biscotti are a big hit. I wouldn't necessarily give these to Ayden for breakfast, but they're great as a little snack or treat. Again, ideal for out and about. They're made from a blend of six cereal grains and can either be eaten on their own or mixed with your baby's usual milk. 

The Heinz breakfast range is available from supermarkets and Boots and you can find out more here.

*We were sent these pouches for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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