Bambeanie's birthday wishlist

Monday, 17 March 2014

In a month's time my teeny weeny bambeanie will turn one. Crazy, I know. 

My husband finds it hilarious that I'm already planning his gifts and birthday party. But quite frankly I think its weird that he isn't ;)

Ayden is a little smiley ray of sunshine - always happy, giggling and a joy to have as part of our little family. So I've decided to throw him a little tea party full of sunshine. Naturally, I've pinterested the the heck out of this although, as it'll just be us and close family, I'm going to try and restrain myself and not go overboard.

But, if I were to be going overboard… how amazing is this!?

Image - Pinterest

There are a few bits and pieces I've already decided to get him as gifts. The first is Lucky Boy Sunday's Fancy Nulle. I've seen his cute little face photo-bombing his way across my instagram feed for months now and I'd just love to have him come live with us too.

Ayden loves putting small (ish) toys into bigger ones. Empty. And repeat. These nesting animal dolls are cute, bright and he'll love them. I may put the tiniest one out of his reach until he's older though. Just in case.

How amazing is this rainbow toy? Looks gorgeous and you can stack the arches to form a rainbow or the other way into a tower. My older beanies loved stacking toys so I know this will be a hit.

This rocket has been on my wish list for Ayden for a while. Its a magnetic puzzle with large pieces  which are easy for little hands to take apart and reassemble. Its very reasonably priced too at just £16.50.

I take Ayden to Monkey Music every week and he adores it. Last week he even busted his baby moves for the first time. So adorable. He loves playing with all the instruments so would have a great time with this Big Sound set by Haba. 

Wow, I've got some serious shopping to do. But it's ok if its for Ayden and not for me. Right?

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