♡ Little bits #3 ♡

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I found out this week that I'm due a phone upgrade, so these are the last few pics from my trusty iPhone 4s. 

I'm told the camera on the iPhone 5s is even better, so I'm looking forward to having a play around with that. It also has more memory. Good times.

We had a lovely sunny week here - what a difference it makes. Hope the sun has got his hat on wherever you are.

 1. Hands down the loveliest flowers my husband has ever bought me. I was so sad to see them go. I love yellow and they go beautifully with the purple and the palm leaves. Is that what they're called….? Probably not. But I love them.
2. Poor little man had his booster jabs and MMR but that didn't stop him smiling :) (the chocolate button the nurse gave him straight after helped!)
3. This little beauty loves her baby brother soooo much. Always cuddling him. Sometimes he resists and tries to wriggle free. But sometimes he loves her back just as much ♡
4. Bubble tea break. Coconut milk green tea with lychee bubbles. All kinds of awesome.
1. Sports Day! "Try your best, try your best" - it seems there are no winners or losers at sports day anymore. Would have made it much more bearable for me when I was at school. I didn't manage to get any really decent snaps of the two main competitors as we were too far away but I did manage this cheeky one of the little man running a race of his own. (p.s. there are winners as Meryn came first and Dylan second in their events… sssh don't tell anyone)
2. We had a lovely Father's Day celebrating this lovely one. Pancakes for breakfast in bed, lots of cuddles and a trip to the beach, with extra surf time for daddy. Sorry for the old photo - very rare to get one of them all together. Must try harder.
3. Happy mail. This gorgeous Whistle and Flute tee and the cutest Bobo Choses bloomers made my day even sunnier. See yesterday's outfit post for more.
4. Daddy getting him started from a young age. Look at those legs!


Wardrobe envy

Monday, 16 June 2014

My kids have better clothes than me. There, I said it.

Since leaving a career in corporate communications to be a stay at home mama, my day-to-day wardrobe is less chic, more cheap. Think capsule. A very small capsule.

But my littlies on the other hand… seriously, if they made this stuff in my size. And I had smaller thighs… lets move on. 

I've discovered and fallen in love with so many cool kids brands in the last few months. Some seriously awesome clothes for three very cool beanies.

Even on a cloudy day, my little man shines bright in this adorable kawaii cloud tee by Whistle and Flute. I picked this up from Scout and Co - check them out for some seriously covetable clothes and accessories for kids.

The spotty bloomers are by Bobo Choses. One of my favourite brands by a mile. The SS14 collection was perfection and right up my street. I picked up a few bits and pieces which we'll be able to get out now that the sun has his hat on.

And he literally lives in these gorgeous handmade moccasins by Monkey and Mole, in twig brown. I have my eye on a beautiful sunny yellow pair. He needs them. No really, he does. 

Unicorns rock

Friday, 6 June 2014

Yup. Words to live by right there.

My friends tease me sometimes that I'm too 'nice'. All unicorns, cupcakes and glitter. I take that as a compliment. 

I'm a compulsive worrier though and its something I wish I could stop. After all, where's the sense in worrying about things you can't control? I much prefer living in my little rainbow coloured, glittery happy place and just being happy.

So yes, not entirely sure why I felt the need to share this. Except that the quote made me smile. 

So, if anyone wants me, I'll be in my happy place with the other unicorns. Oh and wine. Wine helps :)

♡ Little bits #2 ♡

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I was a little less snap happy this past week. We've all been feeling a bit under the weather so haven't been out and about as much as we usually would.

I still have a handful of little bits to share from our week though.

1. Trying to make sure I eat breakfast every day. I usually drink my morning coffee, get on with things, realise I'm hungry at about 11am and eat crap. This must stop.
2. Pre-gymnastics changing room selfie with my biggest boy ♡
3. Another selfie. This time with my handsome husband. We just celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Mental.
4. Sleepy little man. Look at those chubby little baby arms!

1. Maleficant rocks. Awesome movie. Total girl crush.
2. Even with a snotty nose, nasty cough and goopy eyes, he's the happiest little man I know.
3. This made me laugh. Found this note from my little lady when I was tidying up. I did peek. It was a drawing and a note to her cousin Rhydian. I think it was just perfect.
4. Poorly little man means lots of cuddles for mama. That's fine with me.


A little love note

Monday, 2 June 2014

Image - Pinterest
I talk a lot about my babies, of course, but its not often I harp on about my lovely husband. 

Today is our eighth wedding anniversary. 

96 months since we stood next to the lake in Central Park in New York and gave each other a ring. 

417 weeks of laughter, cuddles, tears, adventures, silly squabbles and precious memories.

2921 days of growing up and growing stronger together.

70,126 hours of being with you and I still love every minute.