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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

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Let's face it. Some days are just crap. No-one's exempt from this and everyone has their own way of coping when things don't go exactly to plan.

I sit here writing this having just dealt with the mother of all tantrums from my sweet little baby boy who, until today, had yet to unleash this level of pre-toddler hell. This comes after a 5:30am wake up call (thanks Meryn), a most unsatisfactory episode with the weighing scale (post holiday weigh-in… ouch) and a baby poop related incident that would horrify even the most seasoned of nappy changers.

Yes, its one of those days. And there are five things I know will make me feel better. I thought I'd share them with you. I'm not saying they'll do anything for you, and you won't find any ground-breaking developments here, but hey, its good to share :)

☞ Coffee
A day without coffee is... well, not going to be pretty frankly. My littlest is a fully paid up member of team no sleep and, as a result, my Nespresso machine and I have become fast friends. No matter how few hours of broken sleep I've managed to cobble together, a double-shot soy flat white makes me feel vaguely human in no time. Sort of. The alternative is unthinkable.

☞ Fresh air
Rain or shine, a stroll makes everything better. With three little ones, rainy days can seem claustrophobic to say the least; so we either wait for a break in the showers, or we suit up in our wellies and raincoats and off we go. A deep breath of fresh air and a stretch of the legs and all is good with the world again.

☞ Perspective
Easy to say. Not so easy to grab a hold of when you're not feeling your best. But I try. And it helps. When my day feels overwhelming because Ayden isn't sleeping or is extra grouchy, or my eldest two are trying to throttle each other…. it'll pass. As with many things (not all of course), it helps to remind myself that it probably won't be a problem tomorrow, next week or a month down the line. Time goes way too fast and I try not to wish the phases along so things will get easier. Life is pretty bloody brilliant and I try not to forget it.

It took me way to long to put two and two together on this one. If I don't eat well throughout the day, man are things way more difficult to deal with. Its so simple but so easy to ignore. I have a tendency to skip breakfast, opting for coffee instead. I'd get to lunch and feel ravenous, probably eat way more than I would otherwise. Or, worse still, I'd have something daft like coffee and a muffin for 'lunch' and then wonder why I have no patience with the kids when they come home from school. Since my epiphany (I mean, how daft am I?) I try to eat healthily throughout the day and the difference is huge. This is even more of an issue following the weighing scale horror I mentioned earlier! Hello Breville juicer… its been a while.

☞ Online shopping 
Ok so I may not be entirely serious on this one, but doing something just for me for five or 10 minutes (30 if I'm lucky) really helps me to put my head back on straight. While Ayden naps I'll spend some time writing blog posts, browsing through Instagram and making online shopping wish lists in my head. Sometimes I do the washing up and fold laundry. I like those days less!

I've managed to do all five of these things today. Check me out. I even went for an early morning run. Before the school run. This never happens. Everything really is awesome!

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