Thursday, 31 July 2014

My littlest is a very lucky baby. He has a big brother and sister who adore him.

I've mentioned before how I love seeing Dylan's relationship with his little brother grow, but lately I've noticed Meryn's little mini-mum instinct and its so lovely to see.

Now Ayden is that little bit older I'm more comfortable about the beanies picking him up. Within reason. They still do it a little too much for my (and his) liking. 

Meryn will pick up, cuddle, carry, squish, stroke, kiss, tickle and smush her baby brother at every given opportunity. She runs to him if he falls over and needs a cuddle. She loves to show him off to anyone who'll stop long enough to take a look. 

She is completely and utterly proud of him. And I'm so proud of her because of it.

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  1. I have 3 too.. Boyo is nearly 9, Princess Pants is 4 and Comma is 5 months. The love you describe is exactly what I have with mine.
    I've said to hubby a fair few times... our littlest man is so lucky because he has a big brother and big sister who idolise him.