The perfect brunch?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I can't claim this is a recipe as such, but its a total taste sensation so I thought it would be rude of me not to share.

I'm a big fan of avocados. As is my littlest one. The older two, not so much. The obvious green mush = snot connection was their first observation. How childish ;)

I'd never thought to combine avocado with eggs but, after a few precious mama minutes spent browsing pinterest for recipe inspiration, I stumbled across this little gem.

Avocado… good. Houmous… good. Eggs… good. 

This has me written all over it.

I won't patronise anyone by actually writing out a recipe for this. It's easy as pie. In fact, much easier than pie. Who ever came up with that?

So, here it is. The prefect brunch (in my opinion):

Start your egg frying in some olive oil. Then toast a slice of your bread of choice - mine would ideally be irish soda bread, or perhaps sourdough. Spread with houmous - I used plain old houmous, but I think a slightly spicy or even roasted red pepper houmous would work beautifully. Top this with a perfectly ripe, sliced avocado (easier said than done!), mash lightly with a fork and season with sea salt and cracked black pepper. Pop your fried egg on top and scatter with some quartered cherry tomatoes (or, again, roasted red peppers would be ace). Finish with a little more black pepper and enjoy.

Now if I can just suss out how to beat avocados at their own game, I'll be winning.

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