5 things I do while the baby naps

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

If I was a better human being the answer to this would be exercise, clean the kitchen, file a mountain of paperwork and make the phone calls I keep forgetting to make.

But here I am with an hour or so of 'free time' and, its fair to say, those things are not at the top of my list. So what do I typically get up to when the baby is napping?

1. Eat. Usually breakfast. Naughty I know, but its not often that I manage to grab anything to eat before he goes down at about 11:30am. I have a coffee first thing and that fills me up for a couple of hours. But by the time he's asleep I'm ravenous and food is the first thing on my mind. Usually something like scrambled egg on brown soda bread toast, porridge, or yogurt, fruit and granola. 

2. Neutralise the chaos. Post school run, the house usually resembles some form of battle zone. Pyjamas, books, bowls, bags, toys, felt tips, paper, toothbrushes…. crap, everywhere! Whatever I haven't already tidied away while Ayden 'helps' me, gets put away and I guess I do give the kitchen a quick clean at this point. Just a weeny one. 

3. Blog. Literally the only chance I get to sit down and blog. I'm working on a bit of a blogging plan at the moment to try and organise my posts. Hopefully this will help me to plan ahead and give me a schedule to work to. In an ideal world I would know exactly what I was planning to write about each day and I'd draft it early in the morning. That's the dream.

4. Online shopping - 50 minutes into nap time and I've spent £575! Ok, not really but it would be so much fun to actually click that buy button. I'm definitely a window shopper - I love planning outfits online, for me and the beanies. I very rarely actually buy anything, but its fun to look. At the moment I've added this to my basket about 12 times!

5. Watch Youtube videos. I could spend hours watching them. Most of the time I put them on in the background while I get on with something else - tidying up, prepping for dinner, blogging, reading other blog posts, folding washing. My current favourites are the Shaytards, Vivianna does makeup, Lily Pebbles and Hannah Maggs. Much better than daytime TV that's for sure. 

What do you get up to while the baby is napping?


  1. What a adorably cute photos of your little one napping! And I have my breakast, blog or just chill out with a few cups of tea, biscuits and watch a few TV shows. Because its MENTAL here in the morning, even with Belle on her own, and in the afternoon until they are all in bed. Those two hours are my ONLY blogging/relaxing/chilling time until the evening, I need it and i drread the day Annabelle no longer naps, lol!!!

    Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH xx

  2. Good post and I can relate! It's important to have some me time when there is a bit of quiet, so no point feeling guilty that other things such as washing up etc aren't done. No point burning yourself out, particularly when funny cat videos are calling! :) #MMWBH

  3. Even now when my 3 year old naps (rare but happens sometimes) I'm usually online reading blogs or just catching up reading with a good book. There's always a zillion things I 'should' do that never quite make the list ;)

  4. Thanks for your comments :) Glad I'm not the only one that leaves the more mundane tasks for later. Nap time is good for parental sanity ;)