Help… I've got a problem

Thursday, 4 September 2014

I've said it out loud, so that makes it ok… doesn't it?

I blame the internet. Instagram, I'm looking at you. 24/7 temptation, inspiration and enable…ment. Is that a word??

My three little ones have quite the enviable wardrobe already but, with AW14 drops well underway, I'm likely to be scouring the sale rails for my own clothes while they swan about in the most amazing prints and softest fabrics. Something's wrong here.

I just can't resist. So small and cute. And totally stylish. I just wish they came in my size. Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Soft Gallery and Beau LOves are the stand out labels for me. Super cool design and top quality. I'm totally addicted.

I've got my eye on some amazing pieces for Ayden, beautiful dresses and winter jumpsuits for Meryn and some "awesome" (according to Dylan) bits and pieces for my biggest boy. Most of these are available from my favourite online stores Cissy Wears, Monkey McCoy and Milly Mog. Check them out for amazing designs for the coolest kids. 

Scroll down… if you dare.

l to r: Bobo Choses Echo Park romper; Bobo Choses Super Peanut bodysuit; Mini Rodini tiger leggings

l to r: Soft Gallery Naya winter jumpsuit; Bobo Choses Super Peanut Princess dress
from top: Bobo Choses Venice Beach sweatshirt; Beau LOves spiked superhero hoodie

l to r: Beau LOves cross romper; Beau LOves mask jumper; Soft Gallery Ice Breaker dress

from top: Mini Melissa sugar rain rhino boot; Vans checkerboard classic slip-ons; Zara patent t-bars

Why are adult clothes so dull? No peanuts on anything.

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