♡ Little bits #6 ♡

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How has another week gone by? Wow. Slow down already.

On the plus side, Autumn excites me. A lot. So I'll just go with it. Anyone else started Christmas shopping? No, just me? :)

1. I love discovering a new recipe. If I'm stuck in a food rut - pasta for dinner again? - I'll spend a few minutes looking for some food inspiration and try out a new recipe. These tostadas were easy to throw together, pretty healthy (if you go easy on the cheese) and delicious. Check out the recipe here.
2. Little lady feet and tiny baby toes. Queueing up to get in the bath. I have no words. Too cute.
3. This cheeky little monkey is getting more mischievous by the day. Look at that face.
4. We're enjoying getting back into books now that the new school year is in full swing. Over summer we didn't read as much as normal. Bedtimes were later and mummy and daddy waaay more tired! Its nice to have those quiet pre-bedtime stories and cuddles back. Anything by Roald Dahl is a winner.

5. Picture this. Its 5am on Saturday morning. Baby decides its time to get up. We have no coffee left.……….. husband decides its a five shot kinda morning!
6. This little lady has my heart.
7. I came downstairs on Sunday to find that she had cuddled her baby brother to sleep ♡
8. My beautiful biggest boy enjoying some quiet time exploring on the beach.


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  1. Oh my! That photo of them cuddling asleep on the sofa is so adorable!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx