♡ Little bits #7 ♡

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Its feeling pretty autumnal around here right now. Hooray! Its nearly cheese and port season. Anyone else think about cheese and port all year long and count down the weeks until its socially acceptable to have it for dinner? No? Just me? 

Well, in case you're wondering, there's only 8 weeks to go :))

1. Yep. I shopped. In fairness I bought very little. And nothing at all for myself. So that makes it ok, yes? The best thing I picked up was this superhero mask hoodie for Ayden from Baby Zara. Its the kind of thing I know he'll live in and he looks bloody gorgeous in it too.
2. Practising my Elsa braiding. Hmmm not quite there yet, but a good effort I thought. Its not often my little princess will sit still long enough for me to do something like this. She must have been feeling poorly or something!
3. Playing in his big brother's bedroom. And very happy about it he is too. 
4. No explanation required.

1. He loves playing with little wooden cakes. So adorable. No idea where he gets the cake obsession from though…
2. Autumn in a bowl. Seriously. I don't think I've made this since last autumn but its a regular in the repertoire once the weather gets a little colder. You can find the recipe here.
3. This little lady has well and truly mastered riding her bike without stabilisers now :) very proud mama
4. Cuddles with my little peanut ♡


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  1. Ah such lovely pictures! I don't like cheese or port! Well done to your little one on riding without stabilisers, I would be so proud too! That salted caramel spread looks so good. Thanks for linking to #TWTWC x