Little chatterbox

Friday, 5 September 2014

Isn't it wonderful when your little baby starts to find their voice. I love the little words they come out with when they're trying to master a sound.

Its even better when they get a little older and the words come out all wrong. Ayden isn't quite at that stage yet, but he's definitely becoming a little chatterbox. Jabbering away and making the sweetest noises as he goes about his daily business. 

He's saying more and more every day. It didn't take him long to master the word 'no'. Or 'nooooo'. No surprises there. 'Out', 'up', 'mama', 'ah-da-da', 'poo'… he has quite the repertoire. Then he floored me this morning when he held up his empty bowl of cereal and said 'ah wah moo', which I'm absolutely taking to mean 'I want more'. He's a little genius!

Dylan is seven and he still says some things incorrectly. I have no intention of correcting him. I think it's lovely. Last week he asked me how 'human beams' were invented. Adorable. Meryn, at the age of six, still says 'last day' instead of yesterday. So cute.

Kids rock.


  1. My son is 11 months old and we've just started to be able to enjoy this, it's so exciting. He tries to copy quite a few words and recently left us doing double takes when he said 'water'. It was so wonderful to hear his actual talking voice and imagine how cute he will be when he is holding a conversation! xx


  2. Its lovely isn't it? So sweet to hear them chatting away x