The perfect weekend

Friday, 19 September 2014

It's Friday people! Yes. 

Despite being a SAHM (I hate that term - can I invent a new one please? How about domestic ninja?), I look forward to Friday just as much as I did when I worked full time. I get to spend time with my husband, who works long hours during the week and plenty of quality time with my oldest two beanies after a busy week of school. That is between swimming lessons, birthday parties, ballet classes and all the running around their crazy social lives demand.

We're real homebodies and will usually choose a cosy night in with our favourite food, a bottle (or two) of red wine and Netflix, rather than a night out. OAP much?

So what makes a perfect weekend? 

Friday night means dance classes - aka 90 minutes sat on a (very) uncomfortable wooden bench in a church hall, staring at a door which I'm not even allowed to peek through. But after that, we all snuggle under a blanket for Friday Night Movie Night. We even have a song for the occasion. There are usually snacks involved. Perfect.

After swimming lessons first thing Saturday morning, which at least get us up and out of the house relatively early, a coffee is in order. Now the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, a trip to Starbucks is pretty high on my list of priorities. 

If there are no parties to go to (unlikely, but we can dream…) we'll head to the park or the beach. Dylan and Meryn have really got into riding their bikes recently, after being loyal micro scooter enthusiasts for the last few years. Meryn was quite late to join the 'no stabilisers club' and is so proud of herself now that she can ride her bike all on her own. 

One of my favourite things about the weekend is being able to eat our meals as a family. This doesn't happen often during the week. Given the choice, and if we're feeling extravagant, the perfect Saturday night dinner would be fillet steak with béarnaise sauce (for us, ketchup for the kids) and fries. Even Ayden enjoys this. Tiny pieces of cut up steak with sweet potato mash for him. What makes this extra perfect is that my husband is such a steak snob that he always cooks them himself, so I don't overcook and "ruin" his steak. Fine by me.

Follow this by bundling three hopefully exhausted children into bed as close to 8pm as humanly possible and then a night of trashy Saturday night TV and some wood crackling away on the log burner… awesome evening right there. Oh and more wine.

Sunday morning pancakes. What could be more perfect than that? Except maybe Sunday morning french toast? Either will do. I'm not fussy. As long as there's maple syrup and, if I'm feeling really cheeky, some crispy streaky bacon on the side. 

Full tummies need a long walk by the sea. Makes the guilt of scoffing a pile of pancakes a little less. As the weather gets cooler, I love bundling up in hats and scarves for a walk on the beach. 

My husband would step in here and say that a perfect Sunday needs a roast dinner with all the trimmings. But that's why this is my blog and not his! If he promises to help with the clean up afterwards then yes, a roast might be on the cards. 

Sunday afternoon… maybe a movie, a game of monopoly, another bike ride, trip to the cinema, Mario Kart. Any of the above. As long as I'm with my awesome, crazy, noisy, beautiful family, its all perfect to me :) 

What would your perfect weekend be?

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