♡ Little bits #8 ♡

Monday, 6 October 2014

The last week has been lovely. Lots of family time together and exciting things coming up. Not just 'the C word' (yes, I do start getting excited about that in October, and I'm not sorry about it). We have two birthdays, Halloween and a trip to Disneyland Paris to come before that. I can't bear it!

1. We've been enjoying lots of walks in the autumn sunshine for the last few weeks. I say we; Ayden is usually out for the count within five minutes. A walk along the seafront is like magic. If I'm feeling a bit meh, it works wonders to perk up my mood.
2. I'm quite proud of my party invitation design skills this week. Dylan thinks they are "epic", so that's good enough for me.
3. Loving fruit, yogurt and granola for breakfast most mornings. Thinking of making my own granola for a change though. I'm thinking cinnamon, pecans, brown sugar…. yes!
4. Seriously… could he get any cuter!?

1. This guy floated by on the weekend to tell the kids that we're off to Disneyland Paris in a couple of weeks. I decided to keep it a secret until the number of days to count down is a bit more manageable for little people. Didn't fancy counting down the sleeps from 137. Needless to say, they are extremely excited. But not as excited as me ;)
2. Holy crap, its a box! Hours of fun, right there. 
3. Dinner took a little too long for this weeny one… zzzzzz
4. First things first, it's this gorgeous little man's eighth birthday next week so I've got some serious planning/shopping/spoiling to do.


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  1. Such lovely pictures! I love the asleep on the table one! Sooo cute. You have so much to look forward to, how exciting. Thanks so much for linking to #TWTWC x