What we're reading | the Halloween edition

Friday, 31 October 2014

I love to switch the books we're reading according to the season. Obviously the Christmas selection is going to be the biggest (it's ok to start reading them in November, right?), but we've collected a few real gems for other holidays throughout the year.

I'm a big fan of a creepy family movie and a bag of trick or treat goodies to help you get into the Halloween spirit, but you can't beat curling up at bedtime with a blanket, lights dimmed and a spooky book. Even better, turn the lights out and read by torch light.

We have a couple of great Halloween books already but I picked up a few new ones to add to the collection this year. 

Ayden is really getting into books now and will come up to me with one of his stories and climb onto my lap to read it. He was excited to see this new addition to his collection.

We're big fans of the BabyLit series - we have a few and Ayden loves them all. Dracula is a 'counting primer', introducing little ones to numbers using the basis of the Dracula story. 

This one is not really a typical Halloween book, but it is a bit icky and odd so that qualifies it for me.

Great for little ones that like to ask 'why?', 'The Holes in Your Nose' is all about… well, the holes in your nose! And what's up them to be more precise. Cue much giggling when we got to the bogey page!

A true Halloween classic and one I remember from my childhood. This pop-up book was first published 25 years ago and is still as spooky and appealing as ever. Reading it for the first time with my children, it was exactly as I had remembered it - the octopus in the sink and the ghost under the stairs. It brought the memories flooding back. Brilliant.

What are you reading to your little ones this Halloween?


  1. Oh these three look great, I haven't seen them before but I want to get them for my daughter! We have been reading Funnybones - it's one I remember from my childhood and it's just great.

  2. ooh I love the look of the book "The Holes in Your Nose" it looks fab! I enjoyed this blog post! I look books especially kids one's!

  3. These look fab. I've not come across any of them before! At the moment Oscar is obsessed with all things Halloween and we've been reading Ready Steady Ghost, Funnybones, 5 Little Ghosts & Peppa's Pumpkin Party :)

    Louise x

  4. Oh these look amazing!!! The haunted house one in particular looks fab, my little one would love that!!! We've had a few new ones this year, Ten Timid Ghosts has been the biggest hit! xx

  5. A lovely range of books for kids. I love the Dracula one that helps to teach counting x

  6. This is amazing idea to read the scary books on Haloween with a torch light. I will have to get some nice book for next Halooween and try it with my kids. Thank you for the tips :-)

  7. We love changing up the books according to the season too. These Halloween picks look great, I especially love the classics for kids books, just wish there were more words in them :)