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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wow, it's chilly.

Only in the last few days have I admitted to myself that, yes, summer is gone. No, I can't wear flip flops on the school run anymore. And yes, I probably do need a coat.

It's not that I don't like the colder months. I really do. It just means digging out a whole new set of clothes (for me and three little people). What's that? An excuse to buy new jumpers and coats you say? Oh, go on then. 

It also means I need to ramp things up a bit in the skincare department. The colder winds and skin sapping central heating means I need some serious moisture. Oh and does anyone else notice the skin on their hands takes on an almost reptile-like appearance post-Halloween. Nope, just me?

So anyway, long story short, I find myself compiling all manner of wish lists - from coats and scarves, to serums and candles. 

Ok, you probably don't need these things, but it would be very nice to have them.

First up in the skincare category, this serum has had rave reviews from most of the beauty bloggers I follow. The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial promises to regenerate your skin while you sleep. Full of antioxidants and essential oils, it's a serum, moisturiser and face oil all in one, which saves you time and money surely? Sounds good to me.

Now this cleanser is one I can personally vouch for. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a rose coloured balm / gel that glides on to your skin, feels luxurious and smells a-mazing. It removes makeup effortlessly, leaves your skin feeling perfectly clean and nourished, but not stripped. Did I mention it smells amazing?

Hands down my favourite scent of all time. Diptyque's Feu de Bois is my perfect autumn/winter candle. Woody, warm and smokey, this scent just screams cosy nights in. Chuck in a chunky throw and a bottle of Rioja and I'm happy.

Topshop Joni skinny jeans and a slouchy knit, with converse or boots. You'll find me in a variation of this every day. So, you know, I need to update the selection every once in a while and the items I'm lusting after at the moment would do this perfectly.

Leopard anything gets a big thumbs up from me. I'm still rocking my £7 bargain flat leopard print boots from Primark that I adore (and my husband hates). I picked them up almost three years ago now and have worn them to death, but I fear they're on their last legs. Bad times. But this sweatshirt from Topshop should help to cushion the blow.

Yes, they're an 'investment' at over £150 (eek), but I really would live in these boots. Somewhere my husband is rolling his eyes, but it's true. The Ash jalouse boots are that perfect mix of casual and dressy, meaning you could easily wear them for most occasions over the winter. Quite the contrast price wise to my Primark cheapies though! Dear Santa….

So, there you have it, the things I probably don't need but will nonetheless covet obsessively until I cave, or somebody in a red suit brings them for me.


  1. Lovely suggestions - love the boots! I'm a total boot fiend, and have had to ban myself from visiting moda in pelle, because I literally can't go to the site without buying another pair of on-sale boots. It's awful (but awesome having loads of boots :) ) #MMWBH

  2. Great round up and also love those boots! My favourite candle is the White Company winter. But love a wood fire as well :-)

  3. Thanks both :) I've managed to avoid buying any of these so far but, let's face it, its just a matter of time!

    Will have to check out that White Company candle - thanks for the tip :)

  4. Fab suggestions and I love the boots! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH x