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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A couple of weeks ago we spent a wonderful few days in Disneyland Paris. Four days of magic, make believe, pixie dust and queues. I'd be fibbing if I said queues didn't make up a significant proportion of our time there. But the good bits definitely made up for it. We had the best time. 

We were fortunate to stay in the Disneyland Hotel this time. With an 18-month old, and the possibility of rain at this time of year, we thought it was worth the extra cost to be so close to the parks. We were right. Not only that, we had a great deal that gave us half board passes as part of the cost - this meant we could do character meals, the princess lunch and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for no extra cost. 

After our first day in the parks we celebrated the start of our trip with dinner at the Inventions buffet at the Disneyland Hotel. Wow! The food was out of this world and there were so many  characters wandering around. 

The hotel itself was just perfect. The lobby is beautiful and smells of vanilla and sandalwood (I googled it). I found myself walking through there a few times a day just to get a good sniff. Breakfast every morning was lovely - a great selection and served until 11am which meant we could cram in a couple of hours in the park before going back to the hotel for pancakes.

We visited Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago, but this time Dylan and Meryn were definitely a better age for it. The could go on most of the rides this time - both went on Space Mountain and the Tower of Terror, which I thought was very brave of them. The Tower of Terror is bloody horrible! Great, but horrible.

Being there at Halloween was great. The whole park is decorated with pumpkins and ghosts and there are plenty of Disney villains wandering around. We got to meet Jack Skellington. Life goal accomplished right there.

People say the food in Disneyland Paris is rubbish, but we had some lovely meals this time. Yes, the prices are extortionate, there's no escaping that. On the first day we shelled out over £30 for three hotdogs and two soft drinks! But we had really lovely meals at Blue Lagoon, Inventions, Buffalo Bill's and the princess lunch at Auberge de Cendrillon. We also tried out the new Ratatouile restaurant, Bistrot Chez Remy (after going on the new ride, which was fantastic!) and found the food very good. Again very expensive but, by this point, euros felt more like monopoly money!

There were so many highlights. Far too many to list them all, but here are a few:

♡ Sitting in the Disneyland Hotel after watching the fireworks and light show, with my wonderful family, talking about our day and enjoying a cocktail or two before bedtime. 
♡ Dylan and Meryn's faces when we told them we were staying in the 'Pink Hotel'
♡ Dinner on the first night at Inventions. They couldn't believe their luck when the characters kept coming to the table. I'll never forget Ayden's face when he saw Mickey for the first time.
♡ Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was great - I was concerned taking an 18-month old as there are no highchairs or room for a pram (!) but he sat on my lap, wide-eyed and just enjoyed the whole thing. Dylan and Meryn got so into it, waving their stetsons in the air and banging their forks on the bench along with everyone else. Loved it!
♡ Ratatouille the ride - so worth the long queue, this new attraction was spectacular. One for the whole family too. All three children were mesmerised.
♡ Running as fast as we could to cram in as many night-time rides on Thunder Mountain Railroad as possible. This was Dylan and Meryn's favourite ride by far and I loved hanging on to them as they screamed and giggled through the whole thing.
♡ Taking Meryn on the Tower of Terror - we were both terrified and clung on to each other for dear life. She was so brave and went straight back on with her daddy.
♡ Ayden's face on Buzz's Laser Blast. "Ook mama… Bizz". He loves Bizz 

Is it bad that I'm already desperate to go back!? 

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